Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Jane Fonda, actress, writer & political activist (1937- )

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Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Cary Grant & Irene Dunne in Penny Serenade (1941)

Irene Dunne, actress & singer (1898-1990)
See Irene Dunn in The Awful Truth (1937) at 9:45PM (ET) followed by My Favorite Wife (1940) on December 22nd as part of a night of films devoted to Star of the Month Cary Grant.

Audrey Totter, actress (1917-2013)
George Roy Hill, director (1921-2002)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Cicely Tyson, actress (1933- )

Sir Ralph Richardson, actor (1902-1983)
Edith Piaf, singer & actress (1915-1963)
Edmund Purdom, actor (1924-2009)
James Booth, actor & screenwriter (1927-2005)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Jules Dassin

Jules Dassin, director (1911-2008)
In celebration of Jules Dassin’s birthday today, TCM will spend part of the day featuring several of his films:
The Affairs of Martha (1942) at 6:30AM (ET)
Nazi Agent (1942) at 8:00AM (ET)
A Letter for Evie (1945) at 9:30AM (ET)
Never on Sunday (1960) at 11:15AM (ET)
Phaedra (1962) at 1:00PM (ET)

Gladys Cooper, actress (1888-1971)
Celia Johnson, actress (1908-1982)
Lynn Bari, actress (1913-1989)
Betty Grable, actress, dancer, & singer (1916-1973)
Ossie Davis, actor, director, poet, playwright, author, & social activist (1917-2005)
Roger Smith, actor & screenwriter (1932- )
Leonard Maltin, film critic, historian & author (1950- )

Wednesday Hollywood Words

12-17-14_N. Coward

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Aubrey Mather

Aubrey Mather, actor (1885-1958)
See Aubrey Mather tomorrow in The Affairs of Martha (1942) at 6:30AM (ET)

Ray Noble, bandleader, composer, arranger, radio comedian, & actor (1903-1978)
Tommy Steele, actor, singer & entertainer (1936- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Noël Coward, playwright, composer, director, actor & singer (1899-1973)

Max Linder, actor, director, screenwriter, producer & comedian (1883-1925)
Barbara Kent, actress (1907-2011)
Liv Ullmann, actress & director (1938- )

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