Classic Hollywood Birthdays

William Collier, Sr. and his son William Collier, Jr.

William Collier, Sr. and his son William Collier, Jr.

William Collier Jr., actor (1902-1987)

Ludwig Stössel, actor (1883-1973)
Brian Desmond Hurst, director (1895-1986)
Wallace Ford, actor (1898-1966)
Edward L. Cahn, director (1899-1963)
Harry Bellaver, actor (1905-1993)
Lorne Greene, actor & musician (1915-1987)
Forrest Tucker, actor (1919-1986)
Franco Zeffirelli, director & producer (1923- )
Costa-Gavras, director & producer (1933- )
Joe Don Baker, actor (1936- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Kim_StanleyKim Stanley, actress (1925-2001)

Thomas Edison, inventor of the motion picture camera (1847-1931)
Charles Beahan, writer & producer (1903-1968)
Joseph L. Mankiewicz, film director, screenwriter & producer (1909-1993)
Barbara Drew, actress (1916-2001)
Sidney Sheldon, writer (1917-2007)
Michael Balfour, actor (1918-1997)
Eva Gabor, actress (1919-1995)
Billy Halop, actor (1920-1976)
Leslie Nielsen, actor & comedian (1926-2010)
Conrad Janis, jazz musician & actor (1928- )
Burt Reynolds, actor, director & voice artist (1936- )

Happy Birthday Eva Gabor!!

02-11-15_E. Gabor

Wednesday Hollywood Words

02-10-16_R. Wagner

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Robert Keith, actor (1890-1966)

Harry Beaumont, director, actor & screenwriter (1888-1966)
Alan Hale Sr., actor & director (1892-1950)
Jimmy Durante, singer, pianist, comedian & actor (1893-1980)
Judith Anderson, actress (1898-1992)
Thorton Freeland, director (1898-1987)
John Farrow, director, producer & screenwriter (1904-1963)
Erik Rhodes, singer & actor (1906-1990)
Lon Chaney Jr., actor (1906-1973)
Joyce Grenfell, actress, comedienne, singer & songwriter (1910-1979)
Cecil Barker, producer & director (1918-1966)
Tommy Bupp, actor (1924-1983)
Jerry Goldsmith, composer & conductor (1929-2004)
Robert Wagner, actor (1930- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Mrs. Patrick Campbell, actress (1865-1940)

Edwin Maxwell, actor (1886-1948)
Peggy Wood, actress (1892-1978)
Ronald Colman, actor (1891-1958)
Robert de Grasse, cinematographer (1900-1971)
Brian Donlevy, actor (1901-1972)
James Murray, actor (1901-1936)
Heather Angel, actress (1909-1986)
Carmen Miranda, singer, dancer & actress (1909-1955)
Kathryn Grayson, actress & singer (1922-2010)
Mia Farrow, actress (1945- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Charles Ruggles, actor (1886-1970)

George Seigmann, actor & director (1882-1928)
Edith Evans, actress (1888-1976)
King Vidor, director, producer & screenwriter (1894-1982)
Lyle Talbot, actor (1902-1996)
Betty Field, actress (1913-1973)
George Guétary, singer, dancer, cabaret performer & actor (1915-1997)
Lana Turner, actress (1921-1995)
Audrey Meadows, actress (1922-1996)
Jack Lemmon, actor & musician (1925-2001)
James Dean, actor (1931-1955)
John Williams, composer, conductor & pianist (1932- )

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