Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Betty Blythe, actress (1893-1972)
See Betty Blythe in The Gorgeous Hussy (1936) September 3rd at 4:15AM (ET)

Vittorio Gassman, actor & director (1922-2000)
Later this morning see Vittorio Gassman in Rhapsody (1954) on September 3rd at 10:00AM (ET)

Richard Arlen, actor (1899-1976)
Harry Stradling Sr., cinematographer (1901-1970)
Johnny Mack Brown, actor (1904-1974)
Yvonne de Carlo, actress, dancer & singer (1922-2007)

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Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Fredric March, actor (1897-1975)
See Fredric March in Executive Suite (1954) on September 2nd at 1:00PM (ET)

Dore Schary, director, writer, producer & playwright (1905-1980)
Richard Basehart, actor (1914-1984)
Alan Jay Lerner, lyricist & librettist (1918-1986)
Buddy Hackett, comedian & actor (1924-2003)
James Coburn, actor (1928-2002)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Shirley Booth, actress (1898-1992)

Raymond Massey, actor (1896-1983)
Joan Blondell, actress (1906-1979)
Fred MacMurray, actor (1908-1991)
Julie Bishop, actress (1914-2001)

Happy Birthday Ingrid Bergman!

08-28-13_I. Bergman

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Ingrid Bergman, actress (1915-1982)
See Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight (1944) at 3:00PM (ET) on August 29th as part of TCM’s Summer Under the Stars with a day of films devoted to Joseph Cotten.

John Ince, actor & director (1878-1947)
Preston Sturges, playwright, screenwriter & director (1898-1959)
Barry Sullivan, actor (1912-1994)
Sylvia Fine, lyricist, composer & producer (1913-1991)
Richard Attenborough, actor, director & producer (1923- )
Jackie ‘Butch’ Jenkins, actor (1937-2001)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Charles Boyer, actor (1899-1978)
See Charles Boyer in Gaslight (1944) at 3:00PM (ET) on August 29th as part of TCM’s Summer Under the Stars with a day of films devoted to Joseph Cotten.

E.E. Clive, actor (1879-1940)
James Wong Howe, cinematographer (1899-1976)
Donald O’Connor, dancer, singer & actor (1925-2003)
Ben Gazzara, actor & director (1930-2012)

Wednesday Hollywood Words

08-27-14_E. O'Brien

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