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10-01-14_J. Andrews

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Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Julie Andrews, actress, singer, author & dancer (1935- )

Stanley Holloway, actor, comedian, singer, poet & monologist (1890-1982)
George Coulouris, actor (1903-1989)
Everett Sloane, actor, songwriter, voice actor & theatre director (1909-1965)
Irwin Kostal, musical arranger (1911-1994)
Robert Gist, actor & director (1917-1998)
Walter Matthau, actor (1920-2000)
James Whitmore, actor (1921-2009)
Laurence Harvey, actor (1928-1973)
George Peppard, actor & producer (1928-1994)
Richard Harris, actor, singer, director & writer (1930-2002)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Deborah Kerr, actress (1921-2007)
To celebrate the birthday of Deborah Kerr, TCM will be spending the day featuring several of her films:
Vacation from Marriage (1945) at 6:45AM (ET)
The Hucksters (1947) at 8:30AM (ET)
Edward, My Son (1949) at 10:30AM (ET)
Please Believe Me (1950) at 12:30PM (ET)
Count Your Blessings (1959) at 2:00PM (ET)
The Sundowners (1960) at 3:45PM (ET)
Marriage on the Rocks (1965) at 6:00PM (ET)

Lewis Milestone, director (1895-1980)
Kenny Baker, actor & singer (1912-1985)
Angie Dickinson, actress (1931- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Greer Garson, actress (1904-1996)

Gene Autry, performer & actor (1907-1998)
Virginia Bruce, actress & singer (1910-1982)
Michelangelo Antonioni, director, screenwriter, editor & writer (1912-2007)
Trevor Howard, actor (1913-1988)
Stanley Kramer, director & producer (1913-2001)
Lizabeth Scott, actress (1922- )
Steve Forrest, actor (1925-2013)
Anita Ekberg, actress & model (1931- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


William Windom, actor (1923-2012)

Peter Finch, actor (1916-1977)
Marcello Mastroianni, actor (1924-1996)
Arnold Stang, actor (1918-2009)
Brigitte Bardot actress, singer & model (1934- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Jayne Meadows, actress & author (1919- )

William Conrad, actor, producer & director (1920-1994)
Arthur Penn, director & producer (1922-2010)
Claude Jarman, Jr., actor (1927- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Edmund Gwenn, actor (1877-1959)

Fay Holden, actress (1893-1973)
George Gershwin, composer & pianist (1898-1937)
Donald Cook, actor (1901-1961)
George Raft, actor & dancer (1901-1980)

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