Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Harold Lloyd, actor & producer (1893-1971)

Gregory Ratoff, director, actor & producer (1897-1960)
Señor Wences, ventriloquist (1896-1999)
Nina Foch, actress (1924-2008)
Veronica Cartwright, actress (1949- )

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Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Constance Talmadge, actress (1898-1973)
May Robson, actress & playwright (1858-1942)
George O’Brien, actor (1899-1985)
Hugh O’Brian, actor (1925- )
Cora Sue Collins, actress (1927- )
Dick Sargent, actor (1930-1994)
Jayne Mansfield, actress, entertainer & singer (1933-1967)
Wendy Barrie, actress (1978- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Miklos Rozsa

Miklos Rozsa, composer (1907-1995)
Hear the music of Miklos Rozsa in Ben-Hur (1959) on April 19th at 2:00AM (ET)

Leonid Kinskey, actor (1903-1998)
Wendy Barrie, actress (1912-1978)
Barbara Hale, actress (1922- )
Hayley Mills, actress (1946- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Anne Shirley

Anne Shirley, actress (1918-1993)
See Anne Shirley in The Life of Jimmy Dolan (1933) April 22nd at 7:00AM (ET)

George Seaton, screenwriter, director & producer (1911-1979)
William Holden, actor (1918-1981)
Olivia Hussey, actress (1951- )

Wednesday Hollywood Words

04-13-14_C. Chaplin

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Les Tremayne

Les Tremayne, actor (1913-2003)
See Les Tremayne in North by Northwest (1959) on April 18th at 11:00AM (ET)

Charles Chaplin, actor, filmmaker & co-founder of United Artists (1889-1977)
Christine McIntyre, actress (1911-1984)
John Hodiak, actor (1914-1955)
Barry Nelson, actor (1917-2007)
Peter Ustinov, actor, writer, filmmaker, screenwriter & comedian (1921-2004)
Henry Mancini, composer, conductor, and arranger (1924-1994)
Edie Adams, singer, actress and comedienne (1927-2008)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Claudia Cardinale, actress (1938- )

Florence Bates, actress (1888-1954)
John Williams, actor (1903-1983)


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