Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Ricardo Montalban, actor (1920-2009)
See Ricardo Montalban today in That’s Entertainment! III (1994) at 5:45PM (ET)

Kathryn Grant Crosby, actress (1933- )

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Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Geraldine Fitzgerald, actress (1913-2005)

Garson Kanin, writer & director (1912-1999)
Stanley Livingston, actor (1950- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Boris Karloff, actor (1887-1969)
See Boris Karloff in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on November 25th at 9:15PM (ET)

Harpo Marx, comedian, actor, mime artist & musician (1888-1964)
Ruth Etting, singer & actress (1896-1978)
Ellen Drew, actress (1915-2003)
Michael Gough, actor (1916-2011)
Sybil Jason, actress (1927-2011)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Hoagy Carmichael, composer, pianist, singer, actor & bandleader (1899-1981)

John Monk Saunders, novelist, screenwriter & director (1895-1940)
Arthur Hiller, director (1923- )
Geraldine Page, actress (1924-1987)
Robert Vaughn, actor (1932- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Eleanor Powell

Eleanor Powell, actress & dancer (1912-1982)
In honor of Eleanor Powell’s birthday today, TCM will spend the day featuring several of her films:
Born to Dance (1936) at 6:30AM (ET)
Broadway Melody of 1936 (1936) at 8:30AM (ET)
Broadway Melody of 1938 (1937) at 10:15AM (ET)
Rosalie (1937) at 12:15PM (ET)
Honolulu (1939) at 2:30PM (ET)
Broadway Melody of 1940 (1940) at 4:00PM (ET)
Lady Be Good (1941) at 6:00PM (ET)

Corinne Griffith, actress, producer & author (1894-1979)
Juliet Mills, actress (1941- )
Ralph Meeker, actor (1920-1988)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Gene Tierney, actress (1920-1991)
See Gene Tierney in Plymouth Adventure (1952) on November 23rd at 8:00PM (ET)

Evelyn Keyes, actress (1916-2008)
Phyllis Thaxter, actress (1919-2012)

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