Summer Under the Stars

02-18-15_A. Menjou

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Dolores del Rio, actress (1905-1983)

Herbert Heyes, actor (1889-1958)
Hugh Dempster, actor (1900-1987)
Robert Emmett Dolan, conductor, composer & arranger (1906-1972)
Adrienne Ames, actress (1907-1947)
Louise Platt, actress (1915-2003)
Marilyn Maxwell, actress & entertainer (1920-1972)
Jean Hagen, actress (1923-1977)
James Komack, actor (1924-1997)
Rona Anderson, actress (1926-2013)
Gordon Scott, actor (1926-2007)
Elliot Silverstein, director (1927- )
Martin Sheen, actor (1940- )

Happy Birthday Peter O’Toole!!

Peter O'Toole_My Favorite Year_2

Summer Under the Stars

02-05-14_O. de Havilland

Happy Birthday Peter O’Toole!!

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Happy Birthday Peter O’Toole!!

Peter O'Toole_My Favorite Year_0

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Myrna Loy, actress (1905-1993)

Claude Gillingwater, actor (1870-1939)
Jack L. Warner, studio mogul & producer (1892-1978)
Hal Mohr, cinematographer (1894-1974)
Bill Roberts, animation director (1899-1974)
Helen Morgan, singer & actress (1900-1941)
Victor McLeod, writer (1903-1972)
Ann Dvorak, actress (1911-1979)
Gary Merrill, actor (1915-1990)
Nehemiah Persoff, actor (1919- )
Carroll O’Connor, actor, producer & director (1924-2001)
Peter O’Toole, actor (1932-2013)

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