Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Still from the American film serial The Adventures of Tarzan (1921) with Elmo Lincoln

Still from the American film serial The Adventures of Tarzan (1921) with Elmo Lincoln

Elmo Lincoln, actor (1889-1952)

Russell Thorndike, actor & novelist (1885-1972)
Wylie Watson, actor (1889-1966)
Babe Ruth, baseball player & occasional actor (1895-1948)
Jay Wilsey, actor (1896-1961)
Ramon Navarro, actor (1899-1968)
Ben Lyon, actor & studio executive at 20th Century Fox (1901-1979)
Ronald Reagan, actor & 40th President of the United States (1911-2004)
John Lund, actor (1911-1992)
Thurl Ravenscroft, voice actor & basso profundo (1914-2015)
Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress (1917- )
David Gorcey, actor (1921-1984)
Haskell Wexler, cinematographer, film producer & director (1922-2015)
Rip Torn, actor (1931- )
Mamie Van Doren, actress & singer (1931- )
François Truffaut, director, screenwriter, producer, actor & film critic (1932-1984)
Russell Streiner, producer & actor (1940- )
Gigi Perreau, actress (1941- )
‘Fabian’ Forte, singer & actor (1943- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Peg Entwhistle, actress (1908-1932)

George Periolat, actor (1874-1940)
Edward Rigby, actor (1879-1951)
Monta Bell, producer, director & film editor (1891-1958)
Samuel Armstrong, animation director (1893-1976)
Marjorie Eaton, actress (1901-1986)
Reginald Beck, film editor (1902-1992)
John Carradine, actor (1906-1988)
Tim Holt, actor (1919-1973)
Red Buttons, actor & comedian (1919-2006)
Charlotte Rampling, actress (1946- )

Happy Birthday Ida Lupino!!

02-4-15_I. Lupino

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Robert Coote, actor (1909-1982)

Milla Davenport, actress (1871-1936)
Richard Boleslawski, actor & director (1889-1937)
Walter Catlett, actor (1889-1960)
Nigel Bruce, actor (1895-1953)
Robert Sparks, producer, writer & director (1898-1963)
Eddie Foy, Jr., actor (1905-1983)
James Craig, actor (1912-1985)
Ida Lupino, actress & director (1918-1995)
Peter Butterworth, actor & comedian (1919-1979)
Dolores Sutton, actress, writer & playwright (1927-2009)
George A. Romero, director, producer, screenwriter & editor (1940- )

Wednesday Hollywood Words

02-03-16_E. Stritch

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Joey Bishop, entertainer (1918-2007)

Arthur Hotaling, director, producer & writer (1873-1938)
Nancy Price, actress & author (1880-1970)
Carl Theodor Dreyer, director (1889-1968)
Geneva Mitchell, actress (1908-1949)
Mary Carlisle, actress & singer (1914- )
John Fiedler, actor & voice actor (1925-2005)
Peggy Ann Garner, actress (1932-1984)
Victor Buono, actor & comedian (1938-1982)
Pamela Franklin, actress (1950- )

Classic Hollywood Birthdays


Charles Correll (Amos ‘n’ Andy) and his wife, Alyce

Charles Correll, comedian, actor, writer & producer (1890-1972)

George Merrick, writer (1883-1964)
S.Z. “Cuddles” Sakall, actor (1883-1955)
Tempe Pigott, actress (1884-1962)
Frank Lloyd, director (1886-1960)
Connie Gilchrist, actress (1901-1985)
Frank Albertson, actor (1909-1964)
Judith Barrett, actress (1909-2000)
Bonita Granville, actress & producer (1923-1988)
Elaine Stritch, actress & vocalist (1925-2014)
Gordon Carroll, producer (1928-2005)

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